What is Individual Therapy

People commonly seek individual counseling because they:

  • Feel sad, anxious, depressed, and/or fearful
  • Want to cope more effectively with stressful relationship conflicts
  • Are experiencing or recovering from an affair or unhealthy relationship
  • Have self defeating and/or self destructive thoughts and behaviors
  • Want to improve their communication with their significant others
  • Feel guilty about past and/or current behaviors
  • Are grieving over the loss of a relationship or loved one
  • Are adjusting to life transitions such as separation, divorce, parenting, and career changes
  • Are experiencing a loss of self–confidence and self-esteem.

Please know that from the first counseling hour, we will work together to explore your particular concerns and design a counseling process tailored to meet your needs and your desired outcomes. The counseling process varies, but generally counseling sessions will include active listening and sharing, questioning, exercises, and dialogue. Assignments between sessions are offered to strengthen your insights and skills. At times, we will use Therapeutic Assessment to help you understand your brain better and gain insight into why you do things the way you do.

Through counseling, you will build your own inner resources to address your specific concerns, be able to put your experiences and emotions together in new, more constructive ways, and develop the skills that will help you continue to resolve issues as they come up in the future.

Please feel comfortable in emailing or calling Compass Psych Service with any questions you may have about your specific concerns or the counseling process itself. Thank you.