Bill MacLaney, Psy.D. (license #5989)  Our Staff

Our Staff

Bill MacLaney, Psy.D. (license #5989) 

Dr. MacLaney works with people to strengthen their resiliency & giving them tools to cope with life's stressors. We serve individuals & families across all phases of development - pre-teens & adolescents to older adults. Psychotherapy is a process designed to increase general mental health and well-being by clarifying goals and values, strengthening psychological weaknesses, and learning more effective and sophisticated strategies to better manage emotional, social and internal (e.g. thoughts) life. Through a gentle but focused conversational style, I utilize the latest clinical research to meet your needs.

If you find yourself consistently having problems with organization, late, forgetful and overwhelmed by daily activities, it is possible you may be suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I can help. In addition, if you are dealing with court issues, I can help you navigate the complicated structure of the family courts.

If you would like to see how your brain works, Dr. MacLaney and Compass Psych Services can help you figure this out through therapeutic evaluation and effective treatment matched specifically to your issues. Along with family therapy, I offer weight loss counseling.