What to Expect from Your Bariatric Surgery Evaluation

Bariatric Surgery Evaluation/Assessment

What to Expect from Your Bariatric Surgery Evaluation?
The primary objective for your physician to refer you for a bariatric surgery evaluation is to identify any risk factors or postoperative challenges that may contribute to poor postoperative outcomes. Everyone wants you to succeed in your weight loss goals. Weight loss is complicated. This evaluation will identify if there are any potential barriers that may pop up and interfere with your weight loss surgery.

You will be meeting with Bill MacLaney, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, and his staff for your evaluation. Dr. MacLaney will require you to provide information prior to your appointment.

You will need to provide a complete history of yourself as well as a food log for the past few months. Upon arrival, Dr. MacLaney will interview you about your weight loss journey. It may be necessary for you to fill out some additional paperwork. You will discuss food triggers, behavioral triggers, situation triggers, and nutritional management.

At the end of your appointment, Dr. MacLaney will provide you with feedback regarding your evaluation. In addition, he may outline further required steps for you to qualify for your surgery.