Evaluating ADHD Symptoms Through Testing

ADHD Testing

Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD is a comprehensive process.

For children and adolescents, it involves a collaboration of parents, teachers, and experienced health professionals.

In the case of adults, it may include observations from someone who knows you well (significant other, sibling, friend, or parent) as well as collaboration with a current therapist, psychiatrist, or primary care provider. Unlike other disorders, there is no one medical, physical or genetic test for ADHD but instead requires a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified professional who gathers information from multiple sources.

The goal of our evaluation is to determine the underlying cause(s) of an individual’s current difficulties. There are times when the symptoms reported might appear to be consistent with a diagnosis of ADHD but instead may be caused by anxiety or depression or some other factor. These factors can also co-exist with a diagnosis of ADHD, especially in the case of a late diagnosis, and are important to identify and address in the evaluation and treatment process.

Compass Psych Service is committed to providing individuals and families with the most current and effective evaluation and treatment programs. Ongoing support and education, and collaboration with schools and healthcare providers is a key components of our program. We offer specialized evaluations for Adults who have struggled with attention and focus since childhood and often wondered if they had ADHD but have never been formally assessed or diagnosed. For more information on our Adult Evaluations click the button below.