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Co-Parenting Therapy

Coparenting Therapy Has Separation Or Divorce Made Parenting Messy And Complicated?

Do you get tired of sharing parenting responsibilities with your former partner? Have personal feelings related to your separation impacted your ability to care for your child? Does living in separate homes makes healthy communication seem impossible?

Divorce or separation can be hard enough, but when there is a child (or children) involved, all the anger and bitterness are cranked up to full volume. As much as you probably wish you never had to speak with your ex again, the fact that you have a child together means you have no choice. But because neither of you can communicate peacefully or agree on basic parenting goals, your child may not have a healthy and stable environment to grow up in. On the other hand, maybe co-parenting was going smoothly, but then your ex met someone else—now they have a new spouse or partner. All the old wounds have reopened and your parenting situation is fraught with new tensions. Now, whenever you argue with your ex about parental strategies, you have to reckon with their partner, too.

Although the relationship with your ex is messy, deep down, you both want what is best for your child. This requires you to put aside personal feelings and work together. Here at Compass Psych Service, our goal is to help you and your ex diffuse conflict, learn new communication skills, and create a peaceful and stable environment for your child to grow up in.