More About Reunification Therapy

Reunification Therapy

If you and your children have been separated for a time due to divorce, deployment, jail time, or other reason, you may notice that it can be a bumpy transition on the way back to "normal."  Often, parents and children have symptoms similar to PTSD or trauma- attachment concerns after being apart from each other.

Sometimes, Reunification Therapy is ordered by the Court. This may happen in cases of high conflict divorce, domestic violence, substance use or court involvement. Please note that in cases of Court ordered Therapy, confidentiality is limited- meaning the Therapist will be required to submit a report on participation and progress.

Reunification Therapy isn't a specific "type" of therapy, per se. It is a construct (an idea or theory) based on a variety of theories and therapies, applied specifically to a family whose members have spent time apart.  The goals of therapy are different for each family, but typically involve...

- processing feelings related to the distance (absence) and reintroduction

- introducing or reintroducing a parent (or parents) and child/ren

- reinforcing the parent/s-child/ren relationship

- creating or strengthening the attachment bond

- facilitating safe and secure interactions

- learning effective, positive parenting techniques

Therapy can be provided in a variety of modalities for parents, children and/or the family unit to address issues related to separation anxiety, behavioral concerns, trauma recovery, effective parenting skills, attachment and conflict resolution.  Co-parenting skills may also be explored, depending upon goals and circumstances.

Additional services may include communication with social workers, attorneys, school personnel and/or other individuals involved with the process, and preparation of a Summary of Service for Court.